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Quérine van Poll

About Love Q

Someone once asked me what I would do with a million ?

Follow my dream, I replied; buy a small house and start a pottery.

Years later, without winning the lottery, I decided to realise my dream. I fell in love with pottery: it was love at first sight, a wonderful experience!

The process of making pottery is beautiful and time-consuming, which I totally love, as I am not good at rushing and stressing. That’s a bonus, as ceramics has no time for haste.

Every bowl, plate, vase and urn is handmade with great dedication, love, and attention.

Creating ceramics that inspires people energizes me greatly: it’s so special to create ceramics that people love…

Hopefully I will be able to stimulate people to take time and relax.

By all means, pop in and visit me in my pottery!

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